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I love this company. Great services, products ,and sent in a timely manner .I ordered 3 Seresto collars.
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Enzyplex - Enzyme Complex Digestive Enzyme Supplement For Dogs
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Enzyplex contains enzymes to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Enzyplex is indicated in conditions of; weight loss, increased appetite, malodorous, semi-formed faeces and intermittent diarrhoea produced by Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). (EPI is due to the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient digestive enzymes, resulting in abnormal digestion and overgrowth of gut bacteria), inappropriate or deficient diets where improved nutrient conversions will enhance nutrition, old, stressed, ill, fatigued or convalescent animals, and high performance athletic animals with high nutrient demands.Enzyplex is a powdered digestive enzyme supplement to treat Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Digestive enzymes break down food elements into digestible components. Enzyplex contains enzymes to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. Enzyplex starts digesting the moist food as soon as it is added, and continues to function following digestion. The 'carrier' powder enhances the function of the enzymes. Sodium hydrogen montmorillonite is a natural mineral clay which slows the rate of passage of food through the bowel, and improves nutrient digestibility.


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